Gujiya Recipe Vidhi on Holi in English

Holi is a festival of colors and fun. Gujiya is a sweet snacks, it gives sweetness to this occasion. It is very tasty and easy to make. Gujiya recipe is available in Hindi (हिंदी) and English both.

Ingredients of Gujiya:-

  • Maida – 750 gm
  • Khoya/ Mava – 300 gm
  • Bura – 250 gm
  • Kismis – 100 gm
  • Dry Coconut Grated/ Sukha Nariyal grated – 50 gm
  • Chironji – 20 gm
  • Pure Ghee – 250 gm
  • Oil – Half Kadhai full for deep fry

How to prepare Gujiya:-

  • Take Khoya and put it in Kadhai on full gas and roast it till it is light pinkish in color. Remember, you should continously mix it otherwise it will stick in the bottom.
  • Now put it aside to cool.
  • Take a big plate and put all Maida in it and add Desi Ghee in it.
  • Store 2 teaspoon of maida for water mixture, by which you will stick Gujia.
Maida Ghol मैदा घोल

Maida Ghol मैदा घोल

  • Now rub Maida and Desi Ghee with your palm to mix it well.
  • After doing this put some water in it and make dough.
  • Till now your Khoya is cool, mix Kismis, grated Dry Coconut, Chironji with Bura in it and mix well.
Gujia Khoya mixture गुजिया खोया मिला हुआ

Gujia Khoya mixture गुजिया खोया मिला हुआ

  • Now make small balls of Maida dough.
Maida Balls लोइयां

Maida Balls लोइयां

  • Take a rolling base and pin.
  • Put one ball at a time on rolling base and make it smooth round shape with the help of rolling pin.
Round shape बिली हुई

Round shape बिली हुई

  • Now take this round shaped Maida in your hand, first put Maida Ghol in its edges then fill khoya filling in it.
Put Maida ghol on the edge किनारे पर मैदा घोल लगाए

Put Maida ghol on the edge किनारे पर मैदा घोल लगाए

Gujia filling गुजिया में खोया

Gujiya filling गुजिया में खोया

  • Now cover the filling by closing both ends.
Covered khoya inside दोनों तरफ से बंद किया हुआ

Covered khoya inside दोनों तरफ से बंद किया हुआ

  • You can make a design outside this by Gujia Maker or make it by hand.
Gujia Guthi shape गुजिया गुठी हुई

Gujiya Guthi shape गुजिया गुठी हुई

  • Make all the Gujias like this and keep it on the tray.
Raw Gujia in tray कच्ची गुजिया ट्रे में

Raw Gujiya  in tray कच्ची गुजिया ट्रे में

Fry the Gujiya 
  • Now take a kadhai on medium gas and fill it half with oil for deep fry. भरे]
  • Now put 3-4 raw Gujias in it to fry.
Raw Gujia in Oil कच्ची गुजिया तेल में

Raw Gujiya in Oil कच्ची गुजिया तेल में

  • When it is pinkish in color then take it out and keep it on paper so that it can soak extra oil.
  • Your Gujiya is ready,  keep it to cool, when cool, keep it in a container to store.
Gujia गुजिया

Gujiya गुजिया

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