Poori Recipe or Puri Recipe/ Vidhi

We love Poori. To make it, is as simple as we simply love it. Go for this recipe and try, you will make it always. Poori recipe is available in Hindi (हिंदी) and English both.

Ingredients of Poori/ Puri:-

How to prepare Poori/ Puri:-

  • Take Kadahi and keep it on high gas and let Oil heat.
  • Now take a small ball on Roller Base and with the help of  Rolling Pin make it round as shown in figure.
Poori on Chakla चकले पर बिली हुई

Poori on Chakla चकले पर बिली हुई

  • Till now your Oil is heated, put this in the Oil slowly, and press it softly with a Perforated Spoon so that it will be puffy.
Poori in Oil तेल में

Poori in Oil तेल में

Puffed Poori फूली हुई

Puffed Poori फूली हुई

  • When one side is reddish, do it upside down and let other side cook.
पूरी poori

पूरी poori

पूरी poori

पूरी poori

  • You can have it in Breakfast and dinner both.

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