Palak Paneer Recipe Vidhi in English

पालक पनीर Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer is mouth watering, easy and full of nourishment. Kids love it and you can make it more tempting by serving it with Paratha, RotiNaan etc. It will be as surprise restaurant dinner at home. You can make combination with Matar Pulao. Palak Paneer Recipe is now available in Hindi (हिंदी) and English both.

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Dal Palak Recipe

Dal Palak दाल पालक

Dal Palak is very nourishing and full of taste. Kids love it and mothers love it because kids eat Palak without making faces. Everything we get in Dal Palak. Easy to make, Dal Palak is tasty and healthy. Serve Dal Palak with Roti and Rice. Dal Palak recipe is available in Hindi (हिंदी) and English both.

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Aloo Palak Recipe Vidhi

आलू पालक Aloo Palak

Aloo and Palak are both tasty and healthy veg. Aloo has carbohydrates which is very necessary for health and Spinach has iron content, it makes blood. The combination of this veg is full of health and taste as Spinach and Potatoes both are tasty veg. When they are made together, it is very nutritious for kids and elders both.  Palak Aloo is easy to make and gives strength and energy. Serve it with Parathas in dinner or in lunch with North Indian Platter.  Palak Aloo recipe is available in Hindi (हिंदी) and English both.

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