Bathua Roti Recipe

Bathua Roti बथुआ रोटी

Bathua Roti is very good for health. Serve Bathua Roti with Dal, Sabji and Boondi Raita. Bathua Roti  can be served as main course, we can have different tasty Roti for lunch. Bathua Roti recipe is very simple and full of taste. Bathua Roti recipe is now available in Hindi (हिंदी) and English.

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Makki ki Roti Recipe

मक्का रोटी मक्के की रोटी makke ki roti

Maize Floor is very nourishing and tasty. Makki ki Roti is best way to have it in food, best suited with Sarson Ka Saag. Very simple to make it, and tasty to have it. Serve hot with White butter and Sarson Ka Saag. Makki ki Roti  recipe is available in Hindi (हिंदी) and English both.

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Bharwan Baigan Sabzi with Jowar Roti Recipe

भरवां बैगन Bharwan Baigan

Brinjal is a vegetable, which is made in different ways and is a tasty veg. Here I’m telling a recipe which is simple and spicy to enhance your taste buds, served with Jowar Roti. This flour is famous in Maharashtra (India).  When served with Bharwan Baigan this combination is sufficient to fulfill your appetite of good food. Bharwan Baigan Sabzi with Jowar Roti recipe is available both in English and Hindi (हिंदी).

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Aata kaise Gunde

गुन्दा आटा Kneaded flour

In India we prepare breads at home. For that we should know how to prepare base. Flour is kneaded (Gundna) and is prepared to make desired bread. Here steps are given to knead/ Gundna flour, you can go ahead and be chef of your kitchen. Using this Aata you are free to make Chapatti (Roti), Poori, Paratha etc. Aata Gundna ka tarika is available both in Hindi (हिंदी) and English.

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